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Study Dropout

Participants may decide to withdraw from your study at any time. Here we explain how participants can do so using the Avicenna app, and how you can get a report on those who dropped out. Further, we show how you can set up a Dropout survey to be asked of participants before they leave the study, in order to capture the underlying reasons.

Participant Dropout

Participants can drop out of a study using the Avicenna app. To do so, they should open the Avicenna app, navigate to Settings → My Studies, select your study from the list, and from the About Study page, tap on the Drop Out of The Study button.

Avicenna study about page in Android

When the button is tapped, the app asks the participant to confirm their decision. If they choose Yes, first Avicenna checks if your study has any Dropout Survey. If yes, the participant is asked to complete the Dropout Survey. When the participant completes or cancels the survey, or if you have not set any Dropout Survey for your study, Avicenna continues with the dropout process and withdraws the participant from the study.


When a participant drops out of your study, or you drop out a participant, the data collection is stopped immediately, but all data they have provided up to that point, and their participation record, will be retained. So you will still see the participant ID in the list of your participants. Their record will be marked as Dropped.

The participant can rejoin your study later. If they do, Avicenna will use their existing record. If they rejoin before their participation was originally supposed to end, they can continue until that time. If they try to rejoin after their original end time, they will get an error message saying they have completed their participation in your study.

Dropout Survey

You can create a Dropout Survey to get a report on why the participant decided to drop out of your study. This survey will be shown immediately before the participant is dropped out of your study.

To add a Dropout Survey, click on the Activities page. On the Activities page, click on the Create New Activity button. Then click on Droput survey. On the Content page, add the questions you want to ask the participants before they drop out of your study.

Then move to the Preview and Publish tab and publish your survey.

You can view the responses to the Dropout Survey on the Activity Responses page.