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Eligibility Screening

Avicenna allows screening potential participants in your study against certain inclusion or exclusion criteria and only allows those to join your study who meet the criteria. This is achievable by creating an Eligibility Survey for your study, adding the necessary questions, and then setting a criteria based on these questions. In this section, we explain how this can be done in Avicenna Research.

Eligibility Survey‚Äč

You can screen your participants for eligibility by creating an Eligibility Survey. Such a survey is asked of prospective participants just before joining your study. Based on their responses, a participant might be eligible to join or not.

To add an Eligibility Survey to your study, start by navigating to the Researcher Dashboard and clicking on Activities page on your Researcher Dashboard. On the Activities page, click on the Create New Activity button. Then click on the Eligibility Survey. In the Content page of your new survey, add the questions you want to ask participants when they're trying to join your study.

After adding the questions, go to the Settings tab on the right side. Considering the questions you added, enter valid Criteria. These criteria determine under what conditions a participant is considered eligible and allowed to proceed and respond to the study, and which responses can mark the participant as ineligible.

Then, on the Preview and Publish page, publish your survey.


There is no limit on the number of times a prospective participant can respond to the eligibility survey. If they are marked as ineligible on their first try, they can try it again and respond to the eligibility survey for the second time.

You can view responses to your Eligibility survey by going to the Activity Responses page.