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Account Deletion

Avicenna provides participants with the option to delete their accounts and any data associated with it. In what follows, we will demonstrate how participants can delete their Avicenna account by following a number of easy steps. We will also show how researchers are notified of their participants’ account deletion.

How Participants Can Delete Their Accounts

Deleting Avicenna’s participant account is quite straightforward. First, the participant needs to open the Avicenna application either on their web browser or on the app installed on their phone, and go to the Settings menu.

Settings Menu on Avicenna app

Then, he or she needs to scroll down and tap on Delete Account. A message shows up reading "Your account will be deleted in 14 days". The displayed message also indicates that the deletion account request can be revoked within the upcoming two weeks.

Account Deletion Message

After clicking on Continue, the participants will be taken to the Account Deletion Confirmation page where they should enter their Password and choose Confirm to complete the deletion request.

Account Deletion Confirmation Page

This will be followed by a dialog that confirms the participant’s account deletion has been initiated. At this point, the account and all the collected data associated with it will be completely deleted in 14 days.

Account Deletion Initiated

Participants can revoke their deletion request by logging into their Avicenna account within the next 14 days.

Log into Again to Restore the Account

If they do so, they will see a message informing them that the account deletion has been revoked.

Your Account Restored

How Researchers are Notified of the Account Deletion

Once a participant requests his or her account to be deleted, all researchers in the study are notified via email. This provides the researcher with the option to reach out to the participant and either perform a "withdrawal survey", or convince them to change their mind.

If the participant revokes her request, this decision is also emailed to the study researchers. The images below show the sample emails researchers receive in either of these cases.

Email Notifying Researchers of Participants' Account Deletion Request

Email Notifying Researchers of Participants' Account Deletion Revocation