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Profile Settings

This section will help you through some basic settings in the researcher dashboard, particularly Two-Factor Authentication and Change Password features.

By tapping on the Profile at the bottom of the dashboard panel, you will have access to three features: Personal Information, Security, and Log out.

Personal Information

Since your email has already been verified, the next step is to add your phone number. This step is mandatory to enable the Two Factor Authentication. To do this, click the + button, and enter the phone number after selecting your country.

Adding phone number

This will be followed by receiving a verification code as a text message.

Phone verification code

Then enter the code in the specified field as soon as you get it.

When you are done, you will see a message in the bottom-left corner of the page indicating that your phone number has been validated. You can also see a green-colored message under the Phone Number section to inform you that the phone number is verified.

Verified phone number


The second setting at your disposal in Profile is Security. Selecting that will offer you two additional features, namely Two-Factor Authentication and Change Password.

Security tab

Two-Factor Authentication

By enabling the Two-Factor Authentication feature, Avicenna provides an extra layer of security to ensure you are the only person with access to the researcher dashboard. Enabling this feature allows Avicenna to confirm your identity via text message whenever you log into your account.

Remember that you must have already added and validated your phone number to utilize this authentication process, as we explained earlier. With that being done, all you need to do is to turn the Two-Factor Authentication toggle on, and immediately after that, a message appears at the bottom of the page that notifies you of your profile update.

From now on, every time you attempt to log in, a security code will be sent to your phone, which you need to enter in the specified field shown below to access your researcher dashboard.

Password Change

The Password Change feature in the Security settings allows you to change the password as you see fit. After tapping Password Change, a page will be displayed where you can create a new password. Note that a new password will only be possible after confirming the current one.

If you have difficulty remembering your password, click on Forgot Password.

Change your password password

This will show you a dialog indicating that you will be logged out and redirected to another page where you can change the password.

You will be navigated to another page to reset the password by pressing the Go button. Once on that page, enter the email address you initially used to create the researcher account, and click on Reset Password.

Reset your password

Afterward, Avicenna will send you an email with instructions on how to set a new password.

Request to reset your password

Open your email account and tap on the link sent by Avicenna.

Instructions to reset your password

When the new password is selected and confirmed, press Change My Password, and you will be taken back to your researcher dashboard.

Enter your new password


In this tab, you can customize and personalize your notifications. You can choose whether they have to be sent via SMS or Email. For more information, check the notifications sections.