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Monitor Participants' Past Compliance and Upcoming Survey Schedule

In this article, we demonstrate how you can use Avicenna to monitor your participants' compliance rate for the past activities, and the schedule of the upcoming ones. Checking this report regularly is very important while the study is in the field, as it will help you to uncover potential issues, and ensure the quality of the incoming data meets your expectations.

To see the report for your study's past sessions you need to:

  1. Go to the Researcher Dashboard -> Sessions.
  2. Choose your study from the top section of the new page.
  3. Select the Participants and the Activities that you wish to get the report for.
  4. Choose your target period.

Selecting Participants, Activities, and the target Period

  1. Tap Apply Filters to see the report for the selected options.

Making Sense of the Report‚Äč

Once you receive the session status report, depending on whether you chose "Day", "Week", "Month", or "Year", you are shown a calendar with a few cells in some days. Each cell represents an activity session, and contains the following information:

  • The ID of the activity
  • The status of the session
  • The time the activity was scheduled for
  • The time the activity was concluded (completed, expired, canceled, etc.)

For different statuses a given activity session can have, please check the Activity Sessions page of the Reference documentation.

Session Cell Components

If you click on each cell, a dialog will open which contains more derails for the selected session:

Details Survey Session Dialog