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Present your Study in Multiple Languages

Etica’s Localization feature enables you to have your studies in multiple languages. We currently support 11 languages, and the list is growing. Participants can view the app's features in any of these languages and researchers can translate and include their studies’ content into several languages as needed. This article explains how you can add more languages to your studies in Avicenna.

Presenting Your Study in Multiple Languages

Imagine you are conducting a study for a mainly English-speaking participant group. However, you would like to reach out to the French-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities as well. The first language of your study is called the Base language. Note that you do not have to set the Base language to a particular language. It just refers to the language of the content you enter in your study when no language is chosen. Assuming that the Base language for this study is English, you need a French and a Spanish localized version of it too. There are three easy steps that can get you there:

Step 1: Add Languages

  1. Go to the Researcher Dashboard and open your study.
  2. Go to the Basics page.
  3. Find the Localization box on the bottom of the page.

The Localization Box

  1. Click on Add to see a list of languages. In this example, we choose French.

The List Of Languages

Step 2: Localize the Study Content

Now it's time to add translations to your study's title, consent form, and other study information in each of the languages you selected. To do so:

  1. On the Basics page, tap the Edit button.
  2. Now you can choose Base (English), Español (Spanish), and Français (French) from the Language Selector and type in your translations.

Localizing The Study Content

Step 3: Localize Your Activities

Next, you need to translate the content of your activities, whether surveys or other cognitive tasks, into your selected languages. To do this:

  1. Go to the Activity Editor page and add your questions in the Content tab.
  2. You can choose Base (English), Español (Spanish), and Français (French) from the Language Selector to type in the content of your questions in the respective languages.

Localizing The Content Of The Survey


The language of studies displayed in Avicenna's participant app is set to the participant's system language by default. Participants can also choose a language for the app from Language in the participant app's Settings. In our case, the study will be presented in Spanish, French, or English to participants based on their selected or system language.